Johanna S.T. Godliman is strongly motivated in the area of movement and personal development. Growing up with dance and martial arts, she taught both before focusing on the Alexander Technique. Her Private Practice, oriented towards "Better health through movement education," is based in James Bay. She has taught at the University of Victoria and the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and at several local Businesses. Activities with individuals range from a jog around the Inner harbour, to preparing a competitior for a Dragon boat race by refining their paddle strokes.

Students often commit to a series of ten sessions, with a Basic course ranging from 20 - 30 lessons.

The Alexander Technique has provided her with many insights into human behaviour. Johanna enjoys exploring the Mind- Body connection with this tool which allows for greater ease in breathing; freedom of movement, balance and orientation.

Lessons involve the use of simple everyday furniture with Conscious Constructive Control, whether walking, sitting, standing or lying down. The effects reduce strain, and injury and may improve long term stability, balance and co-ordination.

Johanna has 15 years' experience teaching the Alexander technique as a World member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and a Certified member of the Canadian Society. Johanna brings a wealth of resources from her involvement in the arts, New Dance, and martial arts in Canada and the UK/Europe. Originally studied with Jean Clark and Robin Simmons at Hampstead Alexander Centre  www.myalexander-technik.com


Johanna became a member of of the internationally recognized Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria in 2006, and is a certified instructor. Her Introductory classes in the Community currently include Fernwood Neighbour Resource group and Oak Bay Rec Centre.

Her training mentor was Linda Benn, while Shirley Daventry French is the main teacher at the Centre other senior teachers such as Leslie Hogya run Yoga Labs and other topic specific workshops to improve our understanding of the wide range of this centuries old subject.