The following are some of the conditions and situations that may improve with sustained application of the Alexander Technique:

Balance and co-ordination

Poor posture – back and  neck problems

Breathing problems - sleep apnea

Arthritis and joint pain

Repetitive strain injuries (R.S.I)


Pregnancy and post partum adjustments

Study: Improvement in Automatic Postural Coordination Following Alexander Technique Lessons in a Person With Low Back Pain

Improved sensory perception

Eyesight and Hearing -Tinnitus

Voice issues -  public speaking


Habits and Addictions

Movement and Music related studies

Performance enhancement

Sports’ skills development

Theatre and Dance presentation

Equestrian poise



The Value of Individual Lessons

Learning in a one-to-one environment helps you learn more quickly and efficiently. The Alexander Technique is a process of changing long ingrained habits that requires your active participation. There are no specific exercises, or special equipment and it can be put into practice wherever you are, be it at work, school home or anywhere else. The Alexander Technique is very versatile, which makes it suitable for people of any age and any fitness level. Your personal program will vary from others and depends on your individual needs and goals, which can be discussed together with your teacher.